Currently based in the DC area and writing about himself in the third person, Bob focuses much of his energies on being a kind and decent person and a good boyfriend to Amanda, whom he loves. Beyond that, he also responds to crises artistic, technical, and humanitarian. All content, including declarations of affection, images, and other writing subject to copyright.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Bob, you’re a DC based arts professional who has worked on conservation and fabrication projects for end clients including the Folger Shakespeare Library, the US Capitol, the Discovery Channel, the National Gallery of Art, and assorted island-nations. Can you re-do my bathroom?

A: Yeah, I'm around; I'll put you in touch with contractors I work with when I'm not on the side of some monument I'm building or restoring, That way when I work on your project it is properly licensed, bonded, and insured, and executed by a team of professionals (including myself) with relevant knowledge to your specific needs.

Q: Bob, I have a monument that is in bad need of conservation, can you take care of that for me?

A: Well, yeah, I can. I work with a network of companies and freelance conservators, each with their own unique niches to ensure that your project is properly licensed, bonded, insured, and executed by a team of professionals (including myself) with relevant knowledge to your specific needs. I work closely with my collaborators on devising treatment plans that meet clients' needs and budgets.

Do you do store window display construction or do contract store window display installations?

Yes! I bring a range of experience and skills, from metal working to arts fabrication and theater set construction, to helping you install your window store display in the Washington, DC area and beyond. I’ll make sure every detail of your display reflects the look and feel of your brand to help your business connect with passersby and draw in foot traffic.

Q: Do you do pet portraiture?

A: Yes, but if your pet is truly ugly I will refer you to a capable veterinary cosmetic surgeon before accepting a commission.

Q: Bob, seriously, do you do commissioned paintings and portraits?

A: Yes, and I can do so with discretion if you need to claim the work of art as your own creation- so long as it is not for a school assignment. Also, I'm sure your beloved pet and grandma are perfect the way they are and I would be happy to paint them for you.

Q: So Bob, I got this idea for a project that involves making a sculpture that is also sort of a musical instrument/ rhumba/ ottoman/ home furnishing in a mid-century modern aesthetic, that I may be looking to do a limited-edition production of for retail sale down the road. I’m not sure if the chassis needs to be composite plastics or cast aluminum. Can you help me?

A: Why yes, yes I can. With experience in a broad spectrum of materials and processes across an equally diverse set of applications, we can develop your artwork/product/thing/vision together. Utilizing design thinking, iterative processes, rapid prototyping, market research and any relevant theoretical underpinnings, we can develop and launch your artwork/product/thing/vision together.

Q: Bob, I want a monumental work of art, but I’m on a budget and I also need it to be a functional tool or space- can you design and build a monument that is also a solar kiln and smokehouse for my farm.

A: You know it, Becky.