Osage... Purple?

If you ever wondered what a purple rubber osage orange would look like, well, here you go.


 Osage oranges have become a trendy table decoration in the last few years. Since I had one sitting around when I also had some plaster gauze and purple tin-cure silicone handy, this next logical step presented itself. We live in the future.

Quick Question

The color charts have been done for a minute now and are at Furthermore for digital reproduction. Look for updated photos on them and reproductions for sale soon!


The only question I have at the moment is:

What's the best thing to do with somewhere between three and five thousand colorful used cotton swabs?


At Play in the Fields of Constable

I don't know that the Romantic painter John Constable ever saw a whale. However, it is very likely that he saw clouds, given the number of oil sketches he did of them in the fields surrounding his home in Suffolk, England.


In an effort to learn something of the artist and his methods, I painted this landscape based on an amalgam of oil sketches he'd done throughout his career. Beyond the takeaways on gesture, light and composition, there was some ineffable absence in his work, something made almost palpable in it's consistent absence. 

For me, that negative space, that omission, it took the form of a dead whale needing to be placed in the middle ground of this painting, behind and amongst livestock and tall grass.

There was something profoundly strange about that man.


Bunnies in the Works

Easter is coming, and so are chocolate Easter Bunnies sculpted by yours truly.


Above is a plaster cast from my first mold. Some work needs to be done in order to get the ears and face to release cleanly from the silicone, but overall I'm pleased with the process thus far.


Smooth-on makes a variety of food safe platinum-cure silicone products. The "Sorta-Clear" line is aptly named and makes for an interesting look when back-lit.



Ideally the silicone would be de-gassed in a vacuum chamber before pouring, but in an effort to avoid the perfect being the enemy of the good, I allowed myself this experiment in making a mold while skipping that step. The mold has a good inner surface in spite of the bubbles, and that's what counts.



There's nothing quite like finding a reason to justify playing with moomodeling clay- it may be silly, it may be strange, but there is a lot of joy to be had in sculpting rabbits. Especially when combined with eating lots of chocolate in the not too distant future.

Fast, Wild, and Gone for Good- the Flaming Stallions

The best venues in DC are often our homes in DC, and the best acts in DC are the ones we can share the backstage kitchenette with.


The one-night-only sole performance of this lightning fast punk/metal trio represents the best of what we have to offer each other in the DC area. 


Here today, gone tomorrow, the music of our friends and neighbors, co-workers and loose connections is just as fluid and transient as our communities in the metro area. 

Art & Time


I like to think that perhaps the art I left in this tiny time capsule will outweigh it's lack of mints, should it ever be found.