The Business of Bringing Joy

The work that goes into the magic of Easter is intense- global in reach, exacting timelines and quality controls, distribution networks and decision trees. The millions of bunny-hours that go into basket weaving alone...

Tests casts for chocolate Easter bunny molds.

Tests casts for chocolate Easter bunny molds.

Long story short, there are a lot of bunnies doing a lot of things to make Easter happen on time every year. There are business bunnies and farmer bunnies, chocolatier bunnies and delivery bunnies. Bunnies have been at this for at least a dozen, if not a thousand years or more. 

In that context it was a real honor to be asked by the Easter Bunny in Chief to  sculpt the busts of dedicated, hard working bunnies from across time and nations.

Look for chocolate busts of great bunnies in the near future!